Core Values

  1. We are SOLUTION driven

    1. i)  We provide the best possible value proposition

    2. ii)  We always try to help our customer find a suitable solution

  2. Uncompromising QUALITY AND SERVICE

    1. i)  Our Company and the people we employ will walk the extra mile

    2. ii)  Nothing is too difficult

    3. iii)  We strive to achieve the highest possible level of quality

    4. iv)  Quality and Service problems are handled in an uncompromising manner to ensure

      our valued customers are not affected


    1. i)  We play an active role in recycling

    2. ii)  Our industries is aligned to reduce impact

    3. iii)  We train and contribute to training of a Conservationist Nation

  4. High standard of HUMANITY

    1. i)  Fun to work

    2. ii)  We provide training as and when required

    3. iii)  Empathy

    4. iv)  Preferred employer

    5. v)  Family life

  5. National PRIDE

    1. i)  We get involved in the local communities where the Company is operating through

      Schools, Christian Churches, Sports teams and individual sportmen / woman (Janine

      and Suzelle Davin Trust)

    2. ii)  Trade and Industry associations (Namibia Manufacturing Association)

    3. iii)  Buy Local Campaigns (Team Namibia)

    4. iv)  Recycle Forums and efforts (RNF in Namibia)

    5. v)  We employ the Nationals of the Country where we have operations 


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