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Our Roll In Recycling

Plastic Packaging is one of the founding members of the Forum.

With the launch of the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF), the local corporate fraternity has joined hands to promote Namibia as an environmentally responsible country.

The RNF’s aim is to promote the 3Rs, recycle, reuse and reduce of products, through projects and networking.

Companies such as Namibia Breweries Limited, City of Windhoek, Rent-A-Drum, Collect-A-Can, 4H-Namibia, Plastic Packaging and Nuevas Ideas Consulting decided to partner on an ad-hoc basis to promote and support activities that promote environmental integrity.

After RNF was officially launched, it invited new members to become responsible corporate citizens.

Many municipalities face problems of increased household refuse on their land fills, hence dedicated efforts can only come in handy.

The RNF promotes and facilitates recycling on a non-profit basis.

RNF representative, Wolfgang Schenck said the public sector should not be expected to do everything alone. The private sector should do its part by assisting the public sector.

Some schools are already involved in the process, through competitions such as the RNF Recycling Competition.

There are recycling stations equipped with compartments for paper, cans, plastic and glass at several shopping centres in Windhoek, where citizens can place their waste material.

Schenck said the next big step for RNF is to spread its initiative across the country. They have started with the initiative in Opuwo.

One of the biggest challenges is the transportation back to the main collection centres cost-effectively.

The RNF says finding suitable entrepreneurs to manage and service recycling stations all over the country is also a challenge.

With regard to re-use of waste material, Namibia is said be fairing very well, as it can be assumed that most products have gone through two or even three uses before they are finally discarded.

The country’s options to reduce wastage are rather limited as most products in Namibia are imported.

Plastic Packaging is a member of the Namibian Coastal Cleanup Forum.

A forum to raise national awareness, education and behavioural changes regarding the tidiness of the Namibian coastline, especially the most frequented areas and beaches, has been established.

The Namibian Coastal Clean Up Forum was established at a meeting in Walvis Bay on 25 October 2010.

The committee comprises of representatives of various government ministries, local authorities, the Erongo Regional Council and other stakeholders.

NACOMA decided in September to use International Beach Cleanup Day, which took place along the Namibian coast on Saturday, 25 September 2010 to kick-start the forum. Nearly five tonnes of rubbish was collected by 832 learners and teachers from 14 schools and other volunteers on beaches at Oranjemund, Lüderitz, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Henties Bay.

NACOMA communications consultant Gys Reitz has been appointed to act as interim coordinator of the forum until April 2011 when the NACOMA 1 project ends.

NACOMA will raise awareness on the importance of keeping beaches clean as part of its annual information campaign prior to the holiday seasons. Other suggestions put to the meeting include the handing out of refuse bags at shopping centres and by Ministry of Environment wardens on duty at various places and that municipalities be requested to take care of beach littering and the cleaning of refuse bins in their respective areas.

Awareness campaigns to be discussed by the committee during the course of the year include a proposed Namibian Coastal Cleanup Day, International Beach Cleanup Day in September and a Namibian Coastal Cleanup Week.

Plastic Packaging assists local cleanup campaigns.

By Providing assistance, either in the form of donations of refuse bags or partaking in organising events; Plastic Packaging strives to be a socially responsible manufacturer in Namibia. In recent years Plastic Packaging also assisted in Project Shine and the Swakopmund  Recycling Project as well as committing to smaller municipal cleanup projects. 



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