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Plastic Packaging

Plastic Packaging (PTY) Ltd,

manufacturers, recycles and distributes plastic packaging products in Namibia, Angola and the Northern Cape. Our offering spans a wide range of markets such as the retail and wholesale industry, industrial sector, agriculture, fishing industry, mining, meat processing, dairy industry, catering and food processing as well as any other segment that requires packaging products.

Plastic Packaging is the market leader in the manufacturing of LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE plastic bags and sheeting e.g. shopping bags, wrapping bags, household bags, shrink film and many more. We can supply both plain and printed packaging products to our customer’s requirements.

With over three decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution we supply quality products in any quantity. We believe in adding value to the community through employing and buying locally. We are the only recycling manufacturer in Namibia and are committed to the protection of the environment.  We trust that you will find the necessary information you require.



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