Plastic Packaging are agents for various manufacturers of other packaging materials. Below is a list of some of the top products:
  • Packaging & automotive tapes
  • Polypropelene woven bags
  • Strapping & strapping tools
  • Polystyrene cups, tubs and plates
  • Plastic Cutlery
  • Containers (buckets, refuse bins, crates etc.)
  • Paper (tissue, craft, greaseproof)
  • Films (foodfilms & palletwraps)
  • Vacuum bags
  • Styrene, HIPS, PET, Polyprop containers.
  • Aluminium foil containers and rolls.
  • Egg containers
  • Protective packaging (bubble-wrap)
  • And many more......
If we don't stock it we will source it!! To enquire about these products, please contact: info(at)    


We manufacture a wide variety of products in high- and low-density polyethylene material.  This range from the smallest of bags to the largest of sheets.  Well known products are:
  • Vest-type bags / carrier bags.  SO Bags (self-opening)
  • Refuse bags (kitchen bin liners to "normal" black refuse bags, even to 240lt wheelie-bin bags)
  • Vast range of clear bags (butcher/freezer bags). From retail to industrial packs.
  • Heavy duty bags (wood bags, baler bags, ice-block bags etc.)
  • Shrink, sheeting, plant bags, pouches etc.
Above all, above mentioned products are customisable to your requirements. (different sizes, materials and personalised printing) To enquire about these products, please contact: info(at)    

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